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Why us?

We are A.K.C. Compliant breeders with O.F.A Health testing done on all of our parents to ensure both Beauty and Health.

We research the lines to ensure there are no know health issues that could be passed down from previous generations.

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We have moved♥♥ We loved living in Eastern Tennesee , but it was time for a change and a new adventure.....Now in North Idaho Absolute God's County♥♥

Our three sons♥

The Cavalier king Charles spaniel has captured our Hearts and home. We are focusing on excellent quality and have some exquisite bloodlines. We are dedicated to raise each pup with the love and the passion to find each one the perfect home. We breed for health, Sound temperament, beauty, and love of the breed.

  I grew up in Massachusetts and my family bred German Shepherds. From a very young age I was very hands on with animals, involved with wild life rescue and acquired a love for animals and much medical knowledge throughout the years working with them. I started out breeding on my own with West Highland White Terriers about 1 5yrs ago and got out of breeding them after a tragic accident with my male westie. It left me heart broken and I decided to get out of breeding them, for the heart break of the reminder of my loss was too much to bare. A couple of years later I started researching the Cavalier King Charles and fell in love with the breed and decided to breed them. I research my lines very well and do the required health testing that they must pass before I will have them eligible to breed. Most of our Cavaliers are direct imports from other countries . We go after certain pedigrees, and desired looks those lines bring to our breeding program . We focus on health and are always acquiring more knowledge on the breed that allows me to grow on ways to better the breed. I love this breed. There sweet nature is amazing. I whelp my litters in my master bedroom. They are in there till about 4 weeks then I move them to into our main living area, so they can get lots of interaction. Around 4 1/2 weeks they are introduced to the misty method of housebreaking. This has worked wonders for their new homes. Their homes always tell me that house breaking them is a breeze. We consider ourselves very blessed to raise the Cavalier King Charles. They are a delight to own and have a very unique sweet nature to them. We know that your lives with also be enriched by this amazing breed. Let them capture your hearts and home too

 AKC Registered Champion prestigious Bloodlines. Most of own breeding program are direct imports acquired from Top show-breeders overseas.All Parents have been OFA Heart and OFA Eye and Patella cleared with yearly health screenings. 

All pups will have up to date Shots, dewormed, dewclaws removed, health certificate vet checked, AKC registration/paperwork (with limited Registration), and a copy of pedigree.

Started on the Misty Method of housebreaking when they reach 4 weeks.

They have been socialized around children. You will fall in-love with our sweet babies. Love bug's that love to cuddle. We have lots of references. Most of my families are on there second and some there third babies from me. True potato chip dogs... you cant just have one. .. I think this is why God Made them in 4 colors♥!!!

We  moved to North Idaho

 After living in Tennessee for  4 1/2 years. Military life has taken us many places.

In the past 10 yrs we have lived from coast to coast to the in between Maine to Southern California where my husband was on active duty stationed at Camp Pendleton. Then we tried out the south in Eastern Tennessee for 4 1/2 years. We went on a vacation over 3 yrs ago to North Idaho and just fell in love.  It is just beautiful and feels so fresh.

We do have connections with an airline Nanny Transport. Your puppy can fly in cabin and be hand delivered to your nearest airport. The puppy never leaves the nanny and stays in cabin with the Nanny it's entire time.

My email address

I've decided to keep my original cell number so past clients can reach me.

1- 951-234-6391

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