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Ivy has been retired

MPC's Little Red Dress and Feeling Sexy

Call name : Ivy

Ivy is our smallest cavalier. Ivy is full sister to our Dahlia. Ivy has a special place in my heart. She was born a daughter of our Kingston and Little Black Dress of Woodville. Ivy had a hard time keeping up with her litter mates as a tiny pup and she is one I spent many sleepless nights supplement feeding and keeping her caught up.

She is the happiest girl. Very bouncy and quick to love anyone she meets. She has the cutest bounce thing she does when she gets excited. We adore her and if her puppies turn out anything like her , families are in for a treat.

She is Heart :Clear, Eye :Clear, Patella :Normal

Episodic falling :clear

CcDe : Clear

Ivy's Parents : Kingston ( ruby) and Brie ( black and tan)

Ivy as a newborn

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